Honey Bun Coffee Cake

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Honey Bun Cake 100% from scratch, made without a cake mix.

I’ve been seeing pictures of Honey Bun Cake on Pinterest lately but every recipe I click on calls for a boxed cake mix. I like to make things from scratch if at all possible so I decided to make a new version of Honey Bun Cake made without having to use a cake mix from the store. So if you’ve been searching like me & trying to find a recipe for Honey Bun Cake that doesn’t require a store-bought cake mix then I have the perfect recipe for you!

In case you’re wondering Honey Bun Cake tastes like a cinnamon roll…like a really, really good cinnamon roll…like one of the best cinnamon rolls, I’ve ever had, only in cake form!

I have to warn you, the batter is a little on the thick side & when you spread the top half of the batter on, things may look a little messy. I was a little worried that I was creating a disaster but when it came out of the oven & I sliced the first piece I knew all was well.

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