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Caesar Pasta Salad

Caesar salad

This simple Caesar Pasta Salad brings together a homemade Caesar dressing with crisp romaine lettuce, croutons, Parmesan shreds, and rotini pasta. It’s a fantastic salad for Spring and Summer, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser! Feel free to add diced chicken, avocado, tomatoes, or bacon crumbles for extra flavor and texture.

Caesar salad

If you’re a fan of Caesar Salad and pasta salad, this Caesar Pasta Salad is the perfect combination of both!

This salad is not only perfect for warmer months but also goes well with other salads like Italian Pasta Salad, Mediterranean Orzo Salad, and Chicken Macaroni Salad.

Adding pasta to a green salad is an excellent way to make it more satisfying and turn it into a main dish.

What’s great about this recipe is that it’s incredibly easy to make! The most time-consuming part is cooking the pasta.

It’s a fantastic go-to salad for BBQs, parties, potlucks, or summer gatherings. People always love the familiar flavors with the unique twist of added pasta.

Moreover, we all need an easy and delicious salad recipe for our busy lives, and this one checks all the boxes for being tasty, healthy, and extremely easy!

Why This Recipe Works:

– Ready in 20 minutes or less!
– Uses simple, easy-to-find ingredients.
– Can be a side dish or a main meal by adding chicken or shrimp for protein.
– Features a lightened-up salad with a Greek yogurt-based Caesar dressing.
– Is versatile! You can use different noodle shapes and add in ingredients like avocado, tomatoes, bacon, olives, etc.

Caesar salad

Ingredient Notes:

For detailed ingredient measurements and the complete recipe, check the recipe card at the bottom of the post.

– Caesar dressing: You can make the dressing from scratch or use a good-quality store-bought Caesar dressing if you’re short on time.
– Croutons: Caesar-flavored croutons add a delicious crunch, but any type of croutons will work.
– Romaine lettuce: The crispy, fresh flavors of romaine hearts complement the salad and hold up well with the rotini pasta.
– Parmesan: Opt for large shaved Parmesan shreds for both taste and aesthetics.
– Rotini pasta: I used 8 oz., which was plenty with about 4-6 cups of romaine lettuce. Adjust pasta quantity based on your preference.

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