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Nougat Bars just 3 ingredient

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° 200 grams of honey is equivalent to half a cup + 2 tablespoons

° 125 grams of sugar, equivalent to half a cup

° Egg whites

° Vanilla a pinch of salt

° Nuts to taste “optional”

° Chinese used size 16 by 16


The first thing we do is brushing the tray with parchment paper on all sides, also brushing it with oil or butter well so that we can easily remove the nougat.

In a casserole dish, add honey and sugar. Put the casserole on a low heat, stirring to combine the sugar with the honey. Continuous stirring was required for approximately half an hour.

After the sugar melts and the color of the mixture changes, leave it on a low heat, and take the egg white with a pinch of salt and cook until it doubles a little in size and becomes lighter in color, then add vanilla to it.

Then, add the egg white mixture in three batches to the honey and sugar mixture, and season it with a hand-dressed until the three eggs are completely gone, then continue stirring with a spatula on low heat until the mixture becomes heavy.

We prepare our nuts by heating them a little in the oven, or you can not add them. We take a sample of the egg white and honey mixture and put it in iced water. We take the sample if it is stretched with us and this is the required consistency. We add the nuts to it while it is hot so that it is easy to combine with the mixture.

After we turn off the fire on it and immediately pour it into the tray tray, to make it easier for us to spread it, put butter paper on it well greased with oil and try to spread it until it becomes equal with the size of the tray can use a flat cup base.

We leave it for two hours until it hardens, after which we remove the parchment paper and cut it first in the form of long fingers and each finger we cut into squares.

Offer it to your kids instead of buying it ready-made when you don’t know what materials it was made with.


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