lemon butter baked shrimp recipe

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Absolutely the most flavorful and delicious garlic butter lemon shrimp recipe on the planet! Using only the simplest ingredients, this baked shrimp is ready to eat in 15 minutes!

Easy shrimp recipes are the best and let me tell you, this one is amazing! Mouthwatering delicious and flavor in every single bite! It’s a simple recipes, really.

There’s not a lot to it…other than an explosion of flavor! This is about to become your favorite baked shrimp recipe ever!

This recipe is proof that it really doesn’t take much to make an impressive and incredibly satisfying dinner.

This shrimp is brimming with bright fresh flavor and with this oven baked method your shrimp will end with a perfect final texture. Nothing gummy or rubbery here just delicate, plump and juicy shrimp.

As always just be sure not to over-cook it. In my opinion a number one key to good shrimp.

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