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This caramel banana cream pie has a delicious graham cracker crust, lots of bananas, a smooth caramel layer, topped by banana pudding, and whipped cream – for a delicious twist on traditional banana cream pie!

Want to make banana cream pie even better? Add caramel to the mix! This delicious banana cream pie recipe is seriously delicious!

I’ve mentioned before, but cream pies are my favorite and banana cream pie is my favorite of all! When I needed to make a pie for Pi Day (3.14) I knew that a twist on banana cream pie would be the perfect solution! Adding caramel to the pie takes it to the next level without adding too much difficulty.

This pie is different than banoffee pie which is usually made with a caramel made from boiled sweetened condensed milk or with dulce de leche.

Banoffee pie is also usually just a layer of the condensed milk caramel topped with bananas and then whipped cream.

Where this caramel banana cream pie of course has the cream pie layer on top of a thinner caramel layer. Either way, this is delicious and banoffee pie sounds delicious too!

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