10 cleaning tips that’ll make your bathroom a better place

The bathroom is one of the most used areas of the house. We perform ablution there in the morning, take a bath or shower and release the tension accumulated during the day before going to bed. this happiness is often short-lived because a room is so crowded. If you’re looking for tips for combining aesthetics with functionality without making cleaning a nightmare, the following should interest you …

Hanging furniture

The big advantage of furniture and other hanging items is that by increasing the height, it provides enough space for brooms and mops to pass under. Mounted directly to walls and without legs, wall-hung sinks and toilets make it possible to clean your entire bathroom in one step.

Closed storage

The bathroom is often shared, and it is one of the most visited rooms in the house. For everyone to find their way, it must provide enough storage space to store essential toiletries, bathroom linens, and sometimes cleaning products. With closed storage, it will prevent dust from getting in between different bottles and accessories. This is because they will not let dirt in.

Built-in sinks

Between toothpaste, shaving cream, and soap, the bathtub is not spared and requires almost daily maintenance. If countertop sinks often have an aesthetic appearance, then they are not the most practical. To allow for fast and effective bathroom cleaning, it’s best to bet on a built-in style or a built-in dressing surface. All in one piece, they clean up spills and dirt with a simple sponge wipe.

Walk-in shower

Between lime, residue, and soap, bathroom cleaning is often a real obstacle. In order not to spend there too much, it is better to choose simplicity and choose a shower cabin. With its flush staircase with the floor covering the rest of the bathroom, this generous shower can be cleaned in a jiffy.

Simple shower screen

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