10 cleaning tips that’ll make your bathroom a better place

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Limestone is the first enemy of pigeons. To keep it from getting stuck in every nook and cranny, it’s best to block sliding shower screens that allow, with their rods and slides, to settle down the dirt. Instead, we focus on refined elements and the latest technology

Light colors on the walls

Between stains and dampness, bathroom walls are often found covered with limestone. To prevent these white traces from showing too much, we decorate the walls in light colors instead of dark, to avoid having to clean them too often. Pasting tiles or paint on the walls in a nice variety of white, beige, and sand allows their unsightly little remains to pass unnoticed.

Patterned or dark floor

The bathroom is one of the most frequent places in the house, and these successive corridors bring dust on a daily basis. To avoid having to vacuum after each use, it is best to choose a suitable floor to remove dirt. By choosing a dark or patterned floor covering, it will help dust the sheep and other traces to become inconspicuous and await the next cleaning.

Large size tiles

Another option to make bathroom cleaning easier is to bet on linearity. The larger and freer the surfaces, the easier it is to clean. So mosaics with many prominent connections and coatings in porous materials should be avoided, in favor of very large and flat bathroom tiles. Through the mechanical manufacturing process, porcelain stoneware offers a very fine alternative. This makes it easy to clean the joints in the shower.

Suitable materials

If there is one room in the house where cleanliness and hygiene are essential, it is the bathroom. However, to facilitate the maintenance of this damp room par excellence, it is best to choose the appropriate materials and coatings. For it to be, the water should not be able to penetrate the paint, and if this happens, the paint must be able to dry quickly, otherwise mold will grow.


As I understand, when planning your bathroom layout, it is best to ensure that no wasted space or unused corners are left behind, otherwise you will end up with a hard-to-reach earthen nest. . So we will avoid as much as possible furniture crooked and complex shapes to facilitate daily bathroom maintenance

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