Replacing fabric softener with vinegar? Here’s why that’s a good idea

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Vinegar has these 6 advantages for your laundry

Admittedly: vinegar isn’t known for smelling great, and fabric softener is. So why would you replace the lovely scented fabric softener with a shot of vinegar? We’ve put the six reasons in a list.

1. Cheaper

A bottle of natural vinegar doesn’t cost a thing… we can’t say the same about fabric softener. It is therefore a much cheaper alternative that works just as well. Vinegar makes your clothes just as soft.

2. No irritation

Whereas fabric softener residue in your clothes can sometimes lead to irritation, vinegar is much less likely to cause itching. If you have sensitive skin or abrasive clothing, vinegar can be a solution.

3. Descaling your washing machine

Vinegar is a true multi-tasker. While making your clothes nice and soft, it can also reduce lime scale buildup in your washing machine. This leads to a longer lifespan for your washing machine and gets rid of bad smells. Two birds, one stone!

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