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Leftover mashed potatoes are used to make mashed potato cheese puffs. It’s worth peeling a few extra potatoes just to make these golden, cheesy puffs. Loaded with cheddar and parmesan, shallots (scallions), thyme, onion powder and butter they’ll become a favourite for breakfast, brunch or to serve at dinner.

Mound the mixture into the muffin tin without worrying about how pretty they look, the more texture the better for browning and getting those craggy bits of potato golden.

You’ll be in mashed potato heaven after 30 minutes baking when they become all golden and crispy due to the cheese and butter. You can prep them a couple of days ahead of serving or freeze them in the muffin tin, then release them and pop into a ziplock bag once frozen, then return to a greased muffin tin when you’re ready to bake.

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