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Making pan-fried meatloaf is quick, easy and delicious. It’s a family favorite for many reasons. All the herbs and spices added from a single can of Stove Top stuffing make all the difference when it comes to a perfectly seasoned meatloaf recipe.

As strange as it may sound, I prefer to use the chicken-flavored Stove Stop stuffing in this meatloaf recipe, but the savory herbs are also a perfect choice. There are many flavors to choose from and all will work great.

With just a few ingredients, this recipe is sure to become a family favorite!

I like to use a lean 85/15% hamburger for this skillet meatloaf recipe, but if you prefer a higher fat content in your burger, it will work just fine. I find that using a 93/7% fat burger doesn’t have enough fat or liquid to moisten all the breadcrumbs.

The 85/15% gives just enough fat to add to the flavor, keep the meatloaf moist and not be heavy on the fat when it’s all done.

I love a good meatloaf for dinner, because everybody in my family will eat it without complaining. Especially when there’s mashed potatoes involved!

I almost always make my meatloaf with stovetop stuffing, because then I don’t need to measure out a million different spices to give the meatloaf flavor. I also never leave it unglazed, either I bake it with gravy or like I’m sharing here: With an easy ketchup and brown sugar glaze. So simple, yet so good!

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