It’s amazingly addictive! Be prepared for people to either ask for the recipe or ask you to make it. This whipped cream cheese pound cake was tempting me all night yall! I kept thinking one more lil thin slice wouldn’t hurt. Ughhhh!!  Side note: I don’t shame anyone who goes on that show My  600 lb life. Food is freakin incredible!  I don’t care what you say!

But yeah, this pound cake had to get up out my house the next day! I sliced up the remaining cake, wrap it up in plastic wrap and shipped it down to my in-laws. Get thee behind me Satan, not today…but maybe this weekend when I make a honeybun cake! Ha!

The secret to this fantastic pound cake is adding in whipped heavy whipping cream to the finished batter. It creates the moistest crumb while still having that signature, dense pound cake texture. This cake is PERFECT for shipping because it stays super moist for days!

As with most pound cakes, it gets better as it sits so make it the day before you want to serve it if you can. By day two the crumb is pure freakin perfection in my opinion.

You can feel free to skip the cream cheese glaze if you want. This whipped cream cheese pound cake it sweet without it but it does make it look prettier and it tastes wonderful!  Fill the middle with berries and it’s ready for its closeup!


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Written by P. Powel

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