Old Fashion Coconut Pie

It’s completely accidental (I wish I could plan things that well), but perfect, nonetheless.

AM huge fan of Coconut Cream Pie and a local BBQ joint has, what I think, is the absolute best.  So, when a friend of mine pointed me to this recipe, saying it was really close to that one, I immediately ran out to grab the stuff to make it.

Admittedly, it was pretty close, but with a few tweaks, I think this version is now even closer… dare I say, nearly perfect?

It’s deliciously thick and creamy with tons of coconut flavor because of the addition of a little coconut extract.  And I just love the complement of the sweetened whipped cream on top.

While I love a good meringue, I think the flavors of coconut just go so well with the cream.  Adding a little toasted coconut on top gives the pie a perfect textural contrast, if you’ve got a few extra minutes to toast some up, but it’s perfectly delicious without it too.


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Written by Oliver

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