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No-Bake Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars

No-Bake Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these irresistible No-Bake Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars! Made with a decadent combination of chocolate, peanut butter, oats, and crispy rice cereal, these bars are both indulgent and easy to make. Perfect for a quick snack or dessert, these bars are sure to become a favorite in your household.

Reason to Try No-Bake Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars

Experience the ultimate blend of rich chocolate, creamy peanut butter, and wholesome oats in every bite of these delicious bars. Not only are they incredibly delicious, but they also require no baking, making them a convenient option for busy days when you need a sweet treat in a hurry.

Summary of Ingredients

  • Coconut oil
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Peanut butter
  • Pure maple syrup (or honey)
  • Old-fashioned rolled oats
  • Crispy rice cereal
  • Add-ins such as peanuts, raisins, or other preferred toppings
  • Optional: Unsweetened shredded coconut for topping

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy these No-Bake Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars as a quick and satisfying snack, dessert, or even as a breakfast on-the-go. Pair them with a glass of cold milk or your favorite hot beverage for a delightful treat any time of day.

Storage Info

Store the bars in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. The cool temperature helps the bars maintain their shape and texture. If you prefer a firmer texture, you can also store them in the freezer for longer storage, tightly wrapped in plastic wrap and aluminum foil.

Techniques or Tips

  • When pressing the mixture into the pan, use the back of a flat spatula to compact it tightly. This helps ensure that the bars hold their shape and don’t crumble when sliced.
  • Feel free to customize the add-ins according to your preferences. You can use a variety of nuts, dried fruits, seeds, or even chocolate chips to create your own unique flavor combinations.
  • For a fun twist, sprinkle the top of the bars with unsweetened shredded coconut before refrigerating.


Experiment with different flavor variations by adding ingredients such as chopped pretzels, mini marshmallows, or crushed graham crackers to the mixture. You can also drizzle melted chocolate or peanut butter on top for an extra decadent touch.

FAQs about No-Bake Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars

Q: Can I use other nut butters instead of peanut butter?
A: Yes, you can substitute any nut or seed butter of your choice, such as almond butter, cashew butter, or sunflower seed butter, for the peanut butter in this recipe.

Q: Can I omit the crispy rice cereal?
A: While the crispy rice cereal adds a nice crunch to the bars, you can omit it if you prefer. Simply increase the amount of oats or add additional add-ins to compensate for the omission.

Q: Can I make these bars gluten-free?
A: Yes, you can use certified gluten-free oats and crispy rice cereal to make gluten-free No-Bake Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars. Be sure to check that all other ingredients are also gluten-free if necessary.

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