How To Make A Healthy Broccoli Grape Salad

This salad has been a family favorite for years. Although the combination of ingredients may seem strange, this dish is absolutely delicious! This salad is great to bring to a party, but is best made

this is a light summer salad that my broccoli-hating-children devoured in minutes. My oldest son avoids broccoli at every other opportunity and he has requested this salad three times in the past month. That alone is enough to convince me that this salad recipe is a winner.

If that weren’t enough, though, then there’s the honest to goodness truth that I can’t get enough of this salad myself. I’d happily eat it just about every day if I could.

If you’ve never chopped fresh broccoli, it can be a little messy. I like to put my cutting board right next to my kitchen sink so clean up is easier.

Chop it into small bite size pieces, but not so small they fall apart or get soft in the dressing. The crunch factor of this salad is one of the best parts.

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