Fried Apple Pies

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Very good recipe, the apples came out delicious! I too got lazy and used Grands biscuits. I also baked these instead of frying them. I melted butter in a stoneware pan, coated the pies on both sides and baked 5 minutes on each side.

They turned out awesome, they were slightly buttery and less fattening. My husband said they were just like his mother’s, which was the result I was looking for.

O.K. Melissa, I’ll admit it, I definitely cheated a bit with this recipe. After making two loaves of bread I wasn’t in the mood to make yet another dough, so I took out a can of Grands flaky biscuits, rolled each one out and filled with the apples.

I also used two tablespoons of butter while cooking my apples, didn’t mash them and used more cinnamon. These were absolutely incredible! I think I’ll try this recipe with peaches next time. Thanks for a great idea!!

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