Don’t throw away coffee grounds! You can use it for these 7 household chores

Treating puffy eyes or cleaning pots and pans: coffee grounds work miracles

It’s like a small ritual. We make a cup of coffee, sip our coffees and throw out the coffee pad or coffee filter. However, next time we should skip that final step. Coffee grounds are apparently useful for many household chores.

Funny smells

Unfortunately, it is still better to brush your teeth than to drink a cup of coffee if you want a fresh breath. Nevertheless, coffee can neutralise certain unpleasant odours, even in your mouth. For example, you can suck on a coffee bean to remove the strong smell of garlic and onion. Does your fridge sometimes have a nasty, funny smell? That’s easy to solve by putting a container with some coffee grounds in it.

Treating puffy eyes

No matter how many cups of coffee you drink in the morning, sometimes you still look a little sleepy. There are many tricks to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes. Using coffee grounds is one of them. Mix some coffee grounds with water or olive oil, then carefully apply the mixture around your eyes. The caffeine improves blood circulation, making you look more awake. Leave the mask on for about fifteen minutes and then rinse off. This will make it seem like you’ve had a good night’s rest.

Repelling insects

We can hardly imagine that anyone could dislike coffee, but ants and fleas are apparently not a fan of the drink. Anyway, that’s actually quite helpful. You can repel insects by using some coffee grounds. To do this, place a cup of coffee grounds in places where the insects can easily enter, near windows or doors. In summer, coffee grounds are also a miracle cure against mosquitoes. Use it as a kind of candle by lighting a cup of coffee grounds (be careful, you don’t want to set anything else on fire!).

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