Do you have age spots on your skin? This simple trick can help you reduce them in no time!

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An onion
Did you know you can use a simple household product to combat these liver spots? You’ve probably already got the two ingredients in your pantry: an onion and apple cider vinegar. The juice of an onion helps with reducing your scars. Then there is apple cider vinegar, which helps with removing dead layers of skin. With these two healing ingredients you can get your skin back to looking fresh very easily! Blend an onion to a pulp. Put the pulp in a cotton cloth or a sieve, and push the juice out of it. Mix together the juice of the onion with apple cider vinegar and apply it to the dark spots. Repeat this on a daily basis for a couple of weeks and you’ll notice the spots will start to get lighter!

Need some extra explanation and helpful tips on how to reduce age spots easily? Then watch these two interesting video’s below for more information:

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