Witch Hazel 18 Uses For This Powerful Little Bottle

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You may have noticed witch hazel as an additional ingredient in many toners, cleansers, and makeup removers.

Witch hazel or Hamamelis virginiana is a brilliant orange or yellow plant with beautiful flowers and an amazing array of uses.

The store-bought extract is produced from the leaves and bark of the North American Witch Hazel shrub and is often combined with other skin-rich ingredients such as aloe vera and rose water.

It is widely accepted in mainstream and alternative health and beauty circles for its powerful astringent properties.

Native Americans have used a decoction of this plant for thousands of years for various medicinal purposes such as cleansing skin diseases, calming muscles, and relieving gastrointestinal irritation.

Since then, it has grown in popularity and has become one of the few botanicals approved by the Food and Drug Administration as an over-the-counter drug treatment.

It’s also incredibly cheap and versatile, so if you don’t already have a bottle in your medicine cabinet, you are missing out!

This plant is not only beneficial for keeping the skin clean and free of blemishes, too.

In this article, we delve into 18 uses of this versatile natural product in your home, health, and beauty routine.

** 18 great uses for this enchanting fragrance

Odor removal spray


° 1 tablespoon witch hazel

° 3 drops of lavender essential oil (or any other essential oil of your choice)

° 1 teaspoon of baking soda

° 3 tablespoons warm water

Mix in a glass spray bottle. Shake well to mix. Use this to absorb any unpleasant odors from carpets or upholstery or just as a room booster spray.

Facial cleansing

Pour some witch hazel onto a face cotton pad (eco-friendly and reusable – like this one) and use it as a daily cleanser.

Since witch hazel cleans your pores without drying them out, it can be an excellent solution for those with dry or combination skin.

Acne treatment

Dealing with acne can be a frustrating and tried process, and many products simply dry out your skin or increase redness and inflammation.

Witch hazel has been shown to be effective as a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent that can help clear acne. It can also help improve the appearance of acne scars on the face and speed up healing.

Try using a witch hazel toner in a spray bottle to treat acne on other areas like the back or chest. Spray it after showering to allow it to soak into the skin.

Relieves diaper rash

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