Witch Hazel 18 Uses For This Powerful Little Bottle

Relieves diaper rash

If your baby has a sore bottom, try to continue changing his diaper with a quick wipe of witch hazel diluted in water on a cotton pad. This can provide cold relief, reduce inflammation, and speed up healing.


Even with proper sun precautions and regular application of sunscreen, it can sometimes be difficult to avoid sunburn, especially if your skin is smooth and burns easily.

One study looked at the effects of a lotion containing 10% witch hazel as a treatment for post-sunburn compared to preparations that did not contain witch hazel. Those who received the witch hazel treatment saw a 27 percent reduction in redness while the witch hazel-free group saw only an 11 percent improvement within two days of use.

Mix witch hazel with pure aloe vera gel for the best comfort after sun exposure and to prevent cracking and peeling skin in the coming days.

Hand sanitizer


° 1 1/2 teaspoons witch hazel

° ⅓ 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

° 15 drops of tea tree oil

° Half a cup of aloe vera gel

Transfer it to a pump or squeeze bottle and use it for up to two weeks. Due to the antimicrobial properties of witch hazel and tea tree oil, this hand sanitizer is a powerful antiseptic. Unlike commercial hand sanitizers, it does not use alcohol to dry your hands and actually works as a restorative moisturizer.

Reducing eye weakness

Ah, the spooky purple shades of a sleepless night.

Whether you’re burning midnight oil to finish your latest project, running late with a crying baby, or simply having a genetic predisposition to puffy eyes, you’ve likely experienced the condition at some point.

Using a reusable environmentally friendly cotton pad with witch hazel around the eyes regularly can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and reduce inflammation under the eyes by tightening the skin.

Make sure nothing gets into your eyes as this can cause prolonged irritation and dryness.

Insect repellent

Mix 2 tablespoons of witch hazel, 5 drops of lemongrass essential oil, and a cup of water in a spray bottle and shake until combined.

Utilize this spray as a powerful bug repellent. It is secure to use on most surfaces included your skin & will not leave any nasty chemical residue. Make sure to perform the test on a confidential area before spraying onto the fabric.

This same mixture reduces irritant insect bites and prevents itching on human skin. Regular witch hazel can also be applied to a bite with a reusable cotton pad to reduce the inflammation caused by flea bites, mosquito bites, and bee stings.

Relieve hemorrhoids

Create your own “tuck” cooling pads with witch hazel.

If you experience discomfort from hemorrhoids or other rectal or vaginal problems, the tannins in witch hazel can reduce inflammation and soothe the mucous membranes.

These cooling pads can provide instant relief and are completely safe to use on the most sensitive areas.

Dip a reusable cotton pad into witch hazel, making sure to allow it to absorb the liquid. Freeze a cotton pad for an hour and use it as needed.

You can also add half a cup of witch hazel to a warm bath for similar relief.

Stop bleeding and disinfect wounds

Witch hazel is a popular antiseptic and isn’t quite as painful as an alcohol-based solution. Witch hazel also has hemostatic properties which means it can reduce minor bleeding.

Apply alcohol-free witch hazel to minor scrapes and wounds to help speed healing, stop bleeding, and clean the wound of any foreign debris. It can also be employ to minimize bruise.

Dry and irritated scalp

Shampooing with witch hazel can help rebalance the scalp and combat dryness. One study of nearly 1,400 people showed a significant improvement in scalp irritation and itching after using shampoo containing hazelnuts.

Grandpa’s Witch Hazel shampoo is a good choice.

Calm burn shaver

Sprinkle witch hazel after shaving legs or face to soothe skin and prevent unsightly, itchy bumps and ingrown hairs from forming. It can also help stop bleeding from any cuts or scrapes.

Varicose veins and stretch marks

Varicose veins or spider veins are enlarged, enlarged veins that often protrude from the feet and legs in a purple color and can often be unsightly and embarrassing.

Stretch marks usually appear on the abdomen or thighs and can follow rapid weight gain or loss such as pregnancy.

Although more research is needed to strengthen the effects, the German Commission E, which evaluates herbal medicines for efficacy, has listed witch hazel as an appropriate treatment for these skin conditions.

Dry skin

Although it may seem pointless to use an astringent as a moisturizer, witch hazel can actually improve dry skin over time and restore healthy oils by clearing clogged pores.

Apply to affected areas when the skin is still damp after a shower, leave witch hazel for a few minutes to dry, and follow with a natural cleanser to help retain moisture.

Treat swimmers ear

Swimmer’s ear, or outer ear, is an unpleasant bacterial infection that affects the ear and is usually caused by the water remaining in the ear after swimming.

Witch hazel can help drain any pus blocking the ear canal, remove excess oil, and break up wax and debris.

Use a small eye dropper to deliver a few drops of witch hazel to each ear. After allowing the ears to drain, clean carefully with a cotton swab. Make sure not to insert a cotton swab directly into the car’s duct as this may cause further damage.

Clean dogs’ ears

Our friends with floppy ears can quickly get a buildup of earwax, mites and other nasty things inside their ears.

Using a cotton pad dipped in witch hazel, gently clean around the ear flap.

Remove a tick

Getting ticks from human or animal skin often seems like a daunting task.

Before simply digging, try spraying the tick with a few drops of witch hazel. These pesky insects hate the taste and will lose their hold, giving you time to properly remove and dispose of the tick.

Make sure you hold the tick completely and pull it firmly. Disinfect the area with witch hazel on a cotton pad after removal.

Glazier cleaner

Employ un-diluted witch hazel in a drizzle bottle to cleanly glass, chrome, & mirrors. Simply wipe with a paper towel and enjoy sparkling, disinfected surfaces

How about that, are you ready to use witch hazel for you ?

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