This cheap product you’ve already got in your kitchen cupboard can help reduce cracked heels

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This product is cheap and can work wonders for reducing cracked heels
Cracked heels are very tedious. They hurt, they can tear when they catch on something and they’re just not very nice to look at either. Of course, you’ll want to get rid of them and get your heels back to normal, but it can seem difficult to accomplish that. Well, not with this trick!

No more sandpaper-like feet for you!


Sometimes the solution is so incredibly simple that it’s hard to believe it will actually work. That’s the case with this solution to cracked heels as well. You don’t need any expensive devices or products, as long as you’ve got this simple ingredient in your kitchen. We’re talking about cornstarch. The powder is highly effective against those nasty cracks in your heels and it’s very easy to use as well.

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