This is what an egg yolk can tell you about the health of the chicken

Are you able to see which eggs are actually healthy? We would never have known this!
Most of us enjoy eating eggs. You can prepare them in different ways and they’re healthy as well. At least … most of the time. But not all eggs look the same; some eggs have dark orange yolks while other eggs have yolks that are much lighter of colour. We wondered what this could mean – does the colour of the yolk say anything about the chicken or about the nutritional value of the egg?

Scientific research has been done into this phenomenon.


People have said that the colour and shape of the yolk of an egg can tell you something about the health of the chicken that lay it. The general idea is that the darker, firmer and rounder the yolk is, the happier the chicken in question. It’s supposed to be a sign that this chicken had a lot of freedom to walk around and also had a rich and varied diet. On the other hand, a lighter egg yolk is said to indicate an unhealthy life for the chicken. This information was long presumed to be the truth, but it turns out it isn’t true at all! But that leaves the question: what causes the difference in colour for egg yolks and what does it mean?

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