Pineapple Spoon Cake

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This was my second time making spoon bread, and I really like this recipe! The pineapple flavor was subtle, and I liked the creamy consistency. Very tasty!

Every once in a while I come across a recipe that is so-easy-to-make-a-caveman-could-do-it, & this is one of those ~ Just mix all the ingredients together & pop it in the oven! Great tasting cornbread, too, & I’ll be making this one again & again, I just know I will! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

Pineapple in cornbread was quite a unique but nice change from ordinary cornbread. It came out really creamy, almost like a pudding. I added 1/4 cup sugar but otherwise kept true to the recipe. Next time I may add a little chopped jalapeno to the dish and kick it up a bit. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

This was a good spoon bread to make for not having it before. I should have read the other reviews again before I made it; I was thinking as I ate it needed a little sugar…I made it in an 8×8 pan but next time with try the 9×9; it was a little more gooey/moist that I would have wanted and not sure if it was supposed to be that way (I knew it would be moist just didn’t know how moist…)or if I needed to cook it a little more. Will try it again.

We didn’t know what to expect from spoon bread…never had it before. It was very flavorful and moist. A perfect side dish to the herbed oven-fried chicken we had. I did add a little bit of sugar to it just because that’s the way I always make cornbread. It was delicious.

15 minutes active; 2+ hours inactive to prepare serves 10-12

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