Old south coca-cola pork loin

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Tender, juicy, sweet as sunshine perfection! This old-fashioned pork roast will take you straight back to your childhood! All-day barbecues that brought the entire neighborhood over to one backyard on any given Saturday! Card tables covered with checkered tablecloths filled with bowl after bowl of salads of every kind, chips and homemade dips galore, and platters stacked high with anything and everything the designated hostess, and honored “grill master”, could toss onto racks over red hot coals!

Games of horseshoes, badminton, and croquet had everyone busy, laughing, and chatting about local news. And soft blankets and quilts layed out in the shade were sure to be found to plop down on when it was time to eat!

When evening came, the adults sat around talking and enjoying lots of cold beers and cocktails, and us kids chased lightning bugs, played Kick the Can, and Ghosts in the Graveyard! When it was dark enough, we all hoped that someone brought some fireworks!

Summer seemed never-ending, and days lasted forever! And those weekends with family, friends and neighbors, sharing food and just enjoying the day, sadly seem to be long gone.

Either most have to work, or just don’t seem to be very friendly and neighborly anymore.

The hubs and I luckily have very nice neighbors next door, but we gave up on the rest of the neighborhood. To each his own. But maybe this summer we can get a few more people around the block to all get together and have a backyard barbecue! Finishing this pork roast out on the grill for the last 30 minutes just might be enough to bring them out of their shells! ????

So, if you’re wanting to have a backyard barbecue, Sunday dinner, or want to have leftovers of tender, juicy, pork roast thinly sliced for sandwiches to pile high, this recipe is just the ticket!

It’s really nice to take to someone else’s house when it’s almost done, too, because you can just finish it up right on the grill! Plop the roast into a cooler and bring along the sauce, and you’re serving this incredible roast up in just 20 – 30 minutes!

So plan to have this classic-style Coca Cola Pork Loin Roast soon! And make sure you make extra sauce for dippin’ and drizzlin’ over those sandwiches! ???? Enjoy!!

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