Grammy’s Punch Bowl Cake

Grammy’s Punch Bowl Cake is the perfect summer dessert to take to your next barbecue or party! Easy to prepare, delicious and feeds a crowd!

This is an amazing dessert that everyone loves! Great for kids and adults and perfect for a summertime party. The picture above is actually made with only half the recipe, so as you can see the full recipe makes enough for a large group of people. Its so easy to make and assemble. You can make the cake and pudding ahead of time and then assemble the punch bowl cake in 15 minutes or less. I do recommend refrigeration overnight or at least several hours. Could be assembled in the morning and set in the refrigerator all day until evening as well. It tastes so much better this way!

Whenever i make this and take it somewhere I always bring home an empty dish. There’s never any leftovers because it’s always a hit! I hope you enjoy!

“This is a good dessert for a crowd. I used cream of coconut pudding, skipped the bananas and walnuts, added canned peaches and dessert was a nice creamy triffle-like product which I served at a church function. Hard to go wrong with this recipe, try to use a punchbowl that does not have ripples or designs on the side so one can see the layers.”

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