Deviled Egg Pasta Salad

Creamy deviled egg filling creates the dressing that coats every bite of this very simple Deviled Egg Pasta Salad. Pasta and eggs are tossed with the dressing before being sprinkled with onion for a bit of spicy crunch in each bite.

This is the latest salad in the line up for summer. You can pretty much bet on the fact there will be a pasta salad in my refrigerator almost any given day once the weather warms up.

Pasta salads are the ultimate make-ahead meal and I probably eat some variation of pasta salad a few days a week for lunch.

Does your family love deviled eggs the way mine does? I’m not even kidding, it doesn’t matter how many deviled eggs I make, they eat them all.

This Deviled Egg Dip was inspired by my guys’ love of simple deviled eggs. They love it with crackers, vegetables, or chips. One of my boys loves it with pork rinds. (Not necessarily recommending that combination myself.)

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Written by Belkys mieles

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