Cowboy Pasta

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You’ll Need:

1 lb of hamburger meat.
2 cans of Ranch style beans.
2 (12 oz) of velveeta shells and cheese Dinner.
1 can of diced tomatoes and green chilies (optional).
Salt and pepper.

How to:

In a large skillet, cook the hamburger and drain. Add in the beans the tomatoes and green chilies (if you choose to) and cook covered on medium heat.
Cook the shells and cheese according to package directions.
Mix together the meat mixture and noodles until well combined and serve warm.

Easy, peasy and yummy! Last time, I made this with broccoli and corn and it was very good. I always serve this with a vegetable and bread. Give it a try, and let me know what you think.

” Please note that some meals are better to be prepared every once in a while because of some ingredients like meat, cheese, lot of sugar, fats..etc.
Having meals with these ingredients all the time may damage your health. ”

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