Brown Sugar Meatloaf Recipe

We were heading out to Uncle Lou’s one night to visit him. He lived way out in the middle of the country, and he was pretty up there in age so he didn’t do a lot of driving. Needless to say, he was lonely.

I felt like we should go out there more often, but we have busy schedules and time doesn’t always allow for us to take hours out of the day to trip off and do whatever we want. Believe you me, I wish that it did! He told me that he would take care of dinner, so that was nice.

I wasn’t sure about Uncle Lou’s cooking skills, especially for himself and an additional family of five people. He reassured me that everything was going to be great and he had the perfect recipe. Little did I know, he had Grandma’s meatloaf recipe tucked away in a cupboard that he made at least once a month for himself.

That recipe was like this one from Relative Taste. I remember Grandma’s meatloaf being the first one that I ever ate and liked. He had it mastered. It tasted like she came back from heaven and made it herself. I really couldn’t believe it.

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