Beef, Liver and Onions

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Eating internal organs even from grass-fed animals doesn’t seem to turn on a lot of people. But for a few of us, these often-neglected organs are treasure- protein-rich meat.

In fact, beef liver is nutritious too! Aside from protein, it’s packed with nutrients like iron and zinc (essential for a healthy immune system), Vitamin A, B6 (regulates mood and sleep cycles) and B12 (essential for a healthy nerves and red blood cells).

I just want you to take a second look at his humble protein. Let’s talk about this, shall we.

This version below is made with onions and topped with bacon – optional.

I know you’ve heard that beef liver is  slightly bitter and tough. But with a few tips and a handful of seasonings, this Beef Liver and Onions will become one of your family’s favorite.

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