With this life hack, you can grow a house plant in no time from a sweet potato

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Sweet potato

We all know sweet potatoes as a sweet vegetable, but did you know it’s stalk could be turned into a beautiful house plant? A long, elegant vine grows from the sweet potato, which you can then wrap around a cupboard or a lamp, for example. Growing this plant yourself is not difficult: it should work with any sweet potato from the grocery store.

This is how you proceed

Just like the TikTokker Jackson Eather shows, sweet potatoes grow into beautiful plants in the blink of an eye. Put the sweet potato in a glass of water. Make sure half of the potato is above the water. You could do this by putting toothpicks in the sides to keep it from falling all the way into the water. Then all you have to do is wait. In just a few weeks you should see roots and green arms come out of the sweet potato. And if we’re to believe Jackson, this plant will grow at lightning speed!

This video goes more into detail on how to grow a sweet potato plant.

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