To detoxify your body, soak your feet in this amazing lemon and baking soda foot soak

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¼ cup of baking soda
8 cups of water
Juice of one lemon

Olive Oil Sprayer


First, start by adding baking soda to your foot basin, then start covering with warm water, then grab a lemon and squeeze out its juice. Once done, put your feet in it, then start swishing them. Soak your feet for 20 minutes

Once done, take your fee out of the water, then use a towel to dry them, then use a sponge to exfoliate them (an exfoliating sponge works perfectly.)

Baking soda is known for being a component that has many effective uses, and it certainly makes an impact when it comes to your feet. It does many amazing tasks like taking care of bad odors, treating and softening the skin, and of course, destroying bacteria and fungus.

Lemon, of course, has an important role too because it acts like a potent astringent that prevents excessive sweating and it improves the health of your skin. Furthermore, the smell it generates is just amazing.

This foot soak is a great way to relax and detoxify your body because it absorbs every little toxin and waste through your feet and it acts as a cleaner for your system.

Some people claimed that a foot detox can lead to pH levels balance in the body and majorly improves your mood. They also claimed that it can treat swellings, boost the immune system, kill bad microorganisms, improves your heart’s health, and relieve stress.

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