Pear Apple Broccoli Salad

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Delicious cold broccoli salad with sweet and fruity tones that is perfect for summer cook-outs. This broccoli salad is packed with apples, pears, pecans, blue cheese crumbles, and mixed with homemade Apple Vinaigrette.


Lots of cook-outs and BBQ parties are happening this holiday weekend and even more to come as summer is fast approaching. My house is no exception, we’ve been grilling so much lately that the inside the house now has a lingering grill smell.

I do not mind that smell at all. The smell of food cooking on the grill is an intoxicating scent that represents summer season. Waking up in the morning and catching a whiff of that scent is like tasking the yummy burgers and kebabs we had the night before. Makes me want to grill all over again.

It’s a vicious cycle but a tasty one for sure. That’s what summer is all about, having fun outdoors, splashing in the pool, and cook-outs.

I am deep in the summer mood already with summer recipes swirling in my head. It’s all burgers, chicken,  cedar plank salmon, and side salads in there. I got a great idea for a broccoli salad the other that that would be great to bring to a barbecue party.

My new favorite salad to make is a pear-apple chicken salad and I have it at least once a week. There is something special about the combination of sweet, fresh fruit in a savory salad mixed with some blue cheese and an apple vinaigrette.

I’ve decided to turn this salad obsession into a broccoli salad. It turned out fantastic! The flavors go wonderfully with fresh, crispy broccoli. This side salad will be a hit of every backyard barbecue party.

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