No bake salted caramel coconut macaroons

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Another version of the macaroons simplified in cookies, from an English book to vary the tastes …

* Ingredients :

° 3 tbsp milk
° 6 tbsp salted butter
° 11 oz bag Kraft caramels*, wrappers removed
° 4–5 cups shredded sweetened coconut
° 4 oz melting chocolate, such as almond bark
° Sea salt

* Instructions :

1. Add milk, butter also caramels to a big pot set on medium heat. Permit everything to melt, stir often so that blending doesn’t boil .
2. While caramel is dissolved & smooth, add coconut, beginning with 4 cups. Blend together until coconut is well golden with caramel. Add additional coconut as wanted so that coconut is all well cover, but not too “damp” .
3. Scoop out spoonful of about 1 1/2 large spoon of mixture on parchment paper .
4. Permit to cool totally .
5. In a little bowl, melt chocolate according to the package instructions .
6. Dip bottoms of every macaroon to chocolate, and set back to the parchment paper to dry. Spread with some additional chocolate also powder with sea salt .
7. Let cookies to firm fully, then serving.


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