Mustard Pickles: Half Hour Pickles

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Easy recipe for mustard pickles that you’ll love! Great way to use those garden cucumbers this summer!

You need to know how to make mustard pickles because this is one of the BEST condiments we’ve ever had. This recipe came from my husband’s Great Grandma and I’ve updated it to make sure it follows safe canning but still has the amazing flavor from her original recipe.

When my father-in-law found out I was a canner, he started talking about how much he loved Great-Grandma’s mustard pickles and hadn’t had them in years (sadly, she passed from the family long before I met and married my husband).

I’d never heard of mustard pickle relish before and thought the recipe was long lost as no one had made it in years. It was one of those family recipes that were the stuff of legends it seemed.

Until my husband’s grandma was going through her recipe books and found a copy of it from decades past. She no longer canned but passed it along to me.

Honestly, as I scanned the ingredients for the mustard pickles I wasn’t sure what to expect by the finished product, but man, one spoonful and I was hooked.

It quickly became a yearly staple and makes the best (and easiest) potato salad. All you have to do is add it to eggs, mayo and your potatoes and you’re done.

No chopping up pickles or onions, score! Wondering what to eat with mustard pickles beside potato salad, a few of our favorites are on hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches… or by the spoonful.

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