Impossible Cheeseburger Pie

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  • Haha. Some really hated this recipe. Some thought it was ‘bland’. Well, duh. If you treat this as more than a concept recipe, you are probably going to be disappointed. After all, who eats PLAIN cheeseburgers? (My little cousin, but that’s besides the point.) I dressed this as I would my regular burgers. Layers were: hamburger (seasoned with garlic and onion powder), crumbled bacon, raw onions (mm, crunchy), chopped dill pickles (trust me), cheese, homemade buttermilk biscuit (dough that I had in the fridge). When it was cooked, I plated it on top of whole leaf lettuce, would have added tomatoes if I had ’em, and thousand island dressing. It was tasty, casserole-y, and cheeseburger-y. Get out there and experiment. Recipes are not set in stone. (Unless it is creme brulee, I’m pretty sure that’s set in stone somewhere… in France.) Thanks for a good start to a decent supper.


  • I have been making this since I first saw it on the Bisquick box. Like other reviewers, I add more seasoning to the beef, such as a pack of taco or chili mix. I also add a can of black beans and a small can of chopped green chilies to the meat mixture. I also use a combination of shredded cheeses and put a layer of diced tomatoes in between the meat and the cheese. This is a very easy and quick meal.

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