Homemade flour tortillas

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If you’ve never made homemade flour tortillas before, you’re missing out on the softest and most tender flour tortilla you’ve ever had in your life! I can’t go back to store-bought tortillas now that I’ve made my own flour tortillas!

These are truly the softest and most tender flour tortillas I’ve ever had.

I never truly thought to make homemade flour tortillas because it’s just so much easier to pick up a pack at the store when you’re in a pinch.

Of course, that’s where you sacrifice quality, right? Convenience sometimes is greater than quality though but if you have the time, I implore you to make these homemade flour tortillas!

You may never want to just “run to the store” for them again!

I feel like any Mexican dish would be elevated to the next level by using homemade flour tortillas.

I don’t ever want to buy store-bought again.

Next time, I’m going to make a large batch of these homemade flour tortillas and then freeze them!

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