Easy Homemade Salsa

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Chips and salsa are a way of life. A staple food in our home and in the state of Texas. This homemade salsa is one of the easiest to make, and it’s one of my personal favorites.

Quick and easy: this recipe comes together in 5 minutes and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Fresh or Canned Ingredients: use what you have on hand, grab all of those fresh summer tomatoes, or if needed you can use your canned tomatoes.

This allows you to make great quality salsa all year long. Personally I love the texture that comes from using canned tomatoes, but some people prefer all fresh, you can also do a combination of the two.

Control the heat: you are in control of the spiciness of this recipe. If you would prefer you can leave the membranes in the jalapeno, you could add more jalapeno, or you could even toss in a Serrano for a little extra heat.

Sweetness: using a little touch of honey in this recipe cuts through the acidity of the tomatoes and gives you a nice smooth taste.

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