Do your clothes smell when you’ve just washed them? THIS is why and how you can fix it!

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Gross, smelly clothes! This is what you’re doing wrong with your washing machine!

Doing laundry is a chore most of us don’t exactly love… Washing, hanging, drying, folding: it’s all pretty tiresome. Luckily, the result is very satisfying: nothing beats the smell of fresh laundry. That makes the discovery of smelly clothes or bed linen after you’ve just washed them all the more disappointing.

Smelly laundry

No one wants to wear clothes that smell mouldy or as if a wet dog rolled around in them. It’s very aggravating; you expect the washing machine to clean your laundry, not make it even more dirty. Yet it’s happened to us all! We’re quick to call a mechanic to come and fix the problem, but that costs a lot of money and the problem is usually back after a couple of weeks. So, what’s causing it? The nasty smell has a couple of causes and we’re all guilty of them.


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