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Chocolate Mint Cookies

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Chocolate and mint is one of my favorite flavor combinations. In fact, when our adorable neighbors come knocking on the door selling Girl Scout cookies, I purposely don’t buy Thin Mints® because I find them impossible to resist.

Better we should only have cookies I don’t like in the house! But if there’s any time to splurge and eat cookies, it’s now, so I present you with these habit-forming double chocolate mint cookies. They taste just like Thin Mints® but have the texture of chunky chocolate chip cookies.

f you like chocolate and mint together, you are going to LOVE these cookies! They remind me of mint chocolate chip ice cream, but in cookie form.

Oooh, and I just had an idea, these cookies would make GREAT ice cream sandwiches. Take two cookies and stuff chocolate mint chip ice cream in the center. Now, we are talking. Talk about the perfect chocolate mint dessert!

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