Cajun Honey Butter Salmon

Cajun Honey Butter Salmon is the perfect balance of sweet and savory. It includes seared Cajun salmon and an easy honey garlic butter sauce.

Make this easy dinner main dish in about 15 minutes using just one skillet. Enjoy this with my cauliflower rice pilaf, Southern Fried Cabbage or smoked gouda grits to make a meal.

Top Cooking Tips & FAQs
Adjust the spices if using Cajun seasoning from the store: this recipe uses my homemade Cajun seasoning. Homemade spice blends are typically not as salty as Cajun seasoning mixes from the store.

So, if you’re using a Cajun seasoning from the store, use about 1/2 tsp per pound. You can always add more to taste at the end.

Turn down the heat when adding the sauce: getting seared Cajun salmon requires cooking on medium heat. Before adding the sauce to the pan, turn the heat down. This will allow it to heat and caramelize without burning.

Check for bones: most fish filets are free of their bones, but you should always run your hand over the salmon to make sure that there aren’t any remaining.

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