Watermelon Lime Moonshine Recipe

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You can enjoy this homemade moonshine as shots or use it as an ingredient in making a variety of cocktails. My favorite way to enjoy it is as a Watermelon Moonshine Slushie. OMGosh is that ever delicious and refreshing!

The better the watermelon the better the Moonshine.

Sometimes you get a watermelon (or any fruit for that matter) that is so perfectly ripe, harvested in the peak of season. Bite after bite, it transports you to food nirvana.

And sometimes you take one bit and yuck! No-flavor-at-all. SO to combat that, I also use Watermelon Pucker in this recipe to ensure it has the flavor I want, no matter the season, no matter the watermelon.

Watermelons are hydrating, improve digestion, and they’re good for your diet because they contain plenty of nutrients for your body to absorb. They’re also a great snack to have after a trip to the gym because they’re known to relieve muscle soreness.

Watermelon moonshine is easy to make; all you need is watermelons, raisins, sugarcane, and yeast. All the ingredients will have to go through the process of standard moonshine making, such as mashing, fermentation, and distillation.

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