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Hello! My Dear friends & Readers, How are y’all today? Wish you a wonderful springtime.
It’s Pie Month here at Sugar Apron !!! Do you have a recipe for strawberry pie that you love?
This pie is easiest thing in the world to make.

As a child, I had a strawberry patch in the backyard,  and smaller,  crazy-delicious wild strawberries bunches near old wooden wall. My mother would send me to the back yard with a measuring bowl and tell me to fill it up to the line. I would pick the few biggest berries from the patch and then fill the rest of the bowl with reddest tiny wild berries.

Let me just say THAT FRESH strawberries are soooooooo much tastier than supermarket and frozen strawberries. They are naturally sweet and just melt in your mouth. Back in the kitchen, she would slice the berries, make glaze with some sugar and cornstarch to thicken it and fill a crust made from lard (it could even smell a little pork-ish, honestly).

So, today, I’m sharing with you my ALL-TIME favorite strawberry recipe, with few changes. The BEST thing about this recipe, besides the fact that it will knock the socks off of your taste buds, is that it’s only five ingredients, ok six if you count water.

It’s EASY. Easy like sunday morning. EASY, EASY, EASY. But, it also means that the strawberries get to take center stage – where they belong.
So, let’s make fresh strawberry pie, shall we?

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