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Lunch Lady Brownies are moist, full of chocolate flavour and absolutely delicious. They’re just like the Lunch Lady Brownies used to serve for school lunch dessert, but I think this homemade version is better!

Lunch Lady Brownies are the best brownies ever. They are like the ones the Lunch Ladies served for school lunch dessert, but this homemade version is better!

I’ve been on a brownie run lately. I don’t know what came over me. Maybe it’s the stress of selling our house (which we finally sold. Yay!) and maybe it’s the pre-stress of building the new one soon. I’m not sure about that. All I know is that those brownies were sent from heaven. And that I ate four of them. For real.

Lunch Lady Brownies These Lunch Lady Brownies are just amazing. Muddy, fluffy and totally amazing. Apparently, it’s an old recipe from the sweet ladies who used to serve our lunches in grade school. Honestly, I don’t remember elementary school brownies, but I do remember buns and pizza. Do you remember how good those buns were? After I ate mine, I would go around the table and ask others if I could have theirs. Ha-ha.

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