Homemade Sloppy Joes are a classic comfort food loved by both kids and adults alike. This hearty and flavorful dish is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner or a casual gathering with friends and family. With simple ingredients and easy preparation, you can whip up a batch of delicious Sloppy Joes in no time.

Why Make Homemade Sloppy Joes

Making Homemade Sloppy Joes allows you to control the quality of ingredients and tailor the flavor to your preference. Unlike store-bought versions, homemade Sloppy Joes are free from preservatives and artificial additives. Plus, you can adjust the level of spice and sweetness to suit your taste buds.

How to Make Homemade Sloppy Joes

  1. Brown the Ground Beef: In a large skillet over medium heat, brown the ground beef until fully cooked. Drain any excess grease.
  2. Add Aromatics: Add the finely chopped onion and green pepper to the skillet, cooking for an additional 2-3 minutes until softened.
  3. Incorporate Flavors: Reduce the heat to low and add the minced garlic, stirring constantly for 1 minute.
  4. Add Sauce Mixture: Stir in the apple cider vinegar, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, barbecue sauce, ketchup, chili powder, and water.
  5. Simmer: Allow the mixture to simmer for 10-15 minutes, allowing the flavors to meld together and the sauce to thicken.
  6. Serve: Spoon the savory Sloppy Joe mixture onto brioche or hamburger buns, and serve hot.

Serving Suggestions

Serve Homemade Sloppy Joes alongside your favorite sides such as coleslaw, potato chips, or a crisp green salad. For a complete meal, pair it with fries or sweet potato wedges.

Storage Info

Leftover Sloppy Joe mixture can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Simply reheat on the stove or in the microwave before serving.

Some Techniques or Tips

  • For extra flavor, toast the buns lightly before spooning the Sloppy Joe mixture onto them.
  • Adjust the consistency of the Sloppy Joe sauce by adding more or less water according to your preference.
  • Customize the recipe by incorporating additional ingredients such as diced jalapeños, shredded cheese, or sliced mushrooms.


For a vegetarian twist, substitute the ground beef with plant-based ground meat or lentils. Simply follow the same steps for preparing the Sloppy Joe mixture, adjusting the cooking time as needed.

FAQs about Homemade Sloppy Joes

  1. Can I freeze Homemade Sloppy Joes? Yes, you can freeze the Sloppy Joe mixture for up to 3 months. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator before reheating.
  2. What type of barbecue sauce should I use? Use your favorite spicy barbecue sauce for a kick of flavor. Feel free to experiment with different varieties to suit your taste.
  3. Can I make Homemade Sloppy Joes ahead of time? Absolutely! The Sloppy Joe mixture can be prepared in advance and reheated when ready to serve. Simply store it in the refrigerator until needed.

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