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Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

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If you like a chocolate cake with lots of flavor, you’ll definitely want to try this Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake.  Mayonnaise is added to the batter which gives the cake a wonderfully soft and moist texture. It doesn’t need a frosting, but it is delicious when covered with a smooth and creamy Chocolate Ganache, a simple mixture of chocolate and heavy cream.

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake has to be one of the most decadent, delicious and easy cakes I have ever made! Simply combine all ingredients together, pour into a pan and bake.

That is it!  You will never want to use a prepared cake mix again once you try this recipe!

I’m definitely not a cake snob, I’m happy to use a boxed cake mix in a pinch (or even to doctor them up like in my favorite Chocolate Banana Cake).  But seriously, this Mayonnaise Cake makes even boxed cake mixes seem like work! Mix ingredients together, pour into a pan, bake…done!

If you believe you are not a baker at heart, you’ll love this Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake recipe because it’s so easy – even you can bake it perfectly!

Being made mainly made of eggs, vinegar, and oil, mayonnaise adds extra moisture, and rich flavor to cakes and produces a light tender crumb.
This cake has a deep chocolatey flavor that pairs perfectly with my Chocolate Glaze that’s smooth and creamy without being too sweet.

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