Zucchini and carrots fritters

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Brighten up fritters with a healthy twist. Add these Zucchini Carrot Fritters as a nutritious and delicious side dish for dinner and freeze a batch to enjoy later.

Batch cooking and freezing has been my saving grace with my crazy schedule. My schedule during the week gets pretty hectic since I don’t work regular hours and some nights when I get home super late, the last thing I want to do it cook.

How to reheat
I love the crispy crunchy outside of fritters. Don’t make the mistake I did when I popped my first batch out of the freezer warmed them in the microwave. Definitely heat them up in the oven, or let them thaw and throw them right back in the pan to warm through to keep that crisp exterior.

How to freeze
To freeze, simply let them cool and place into plastic ziplock bags. If you know you won’t be digging into them for a while, wrap individually in aluminum foil, then into a ziplock bag.

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