You’ll never throw out your egg shells again after reading this!

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Eating eggshell

Eggshells are healthy, at least according to the National Institute of Health. Does that mean we’re about to blend our eggshells and eat the powder? Well,  yes and no. We don’t recommend eating eggshells straight-up. But, by blending them in a food processor to a fine powder, you can easily spoon some extra calcium through your dishes. This is how you know it’s safe to eat your eggshells:

  • In case your eggs haven’t been cooked: cook the eggshells for ten minutes do kill potential harmful bacteria.
  • Let the eggshells cool and grind them to a fine powder in a food processor, coffee mill or salt grinder.
  • Keep the eggshells in an airtight container.


The easiest way to eat eggshells is to add half a teaspoon to a glass of water. However, this probably doesn’t taste very nice. That is why you could experiment adding a little to your smoothie or porridge. Still not a fan? Go on to the next page to learn how to add eggshells to your coffee.


If eggshell water doesn’t sound appetizing to you, you might want to try adding some of the powder to your coffee. In addition to the fact you’ll consume more calcium, it also makes your coffee taste better. Ground eggshell will make the coffee less bitter and a lot smoother. Make sure your eggshells were boiled to kill all bacteria. If you want to make extra sure that all bacteria are killed, put the eggshells on a baking sheet and bake them on 180 degrees for about ten minutes. Then spoon half a teaspoon in your coffee or sprinkle some in your filter if you’re drinking filter coffee.

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