Wonderful pineapple mousse

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Say hiiiii to the freshest, most delicious eggless pineapple mousse you’ve ever tried! This little jar of deliciousness has been made and devoured 5x times in the last five days. Thats a lot of mousse I reckon but we didn’t even realise because this mousse is light and airy and has a slow, mild, tropical flavour that’s hard to resist.

And you know I love anything that can be served in little jars! I love these gorgeous Tulip Jars by Weck!

And because of that little factor, these eggless pineapple mousse jars become even more awesome:

  • These are easy to carry to a picnic, barbecue, party, potluck
  • You can decide the serving size so if you are watching what you eat, scoop only half the serving size into these jars
  • They are easy to store when you have a lot of guests coming because you can stack them one on top of the other

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