Woman sees man crying at airport after he had to throw away a package

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The man had tears in his eyes…

As everyone knows, there are strict rules at airports. This also applies to the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Airport in Florida. It was here that a man had to throw away a package which resulted in him crying. Rico Bankston and Ivelise Hernandez went to investigate and found out why the man was so sad.  

A normal flight

Ivelise Hernandez flies regularly so she didn’t expect this flight to be so special. She is always accompanied by her boyfriend, Rico Bankston. He always takes her to the airport, as he did on that one day. The two were lining up at security when she noticed something odd.


Going through security is not the most enjoyable part of a flight for anyone. Still, Ivelise and Rico didn’t have much trouble with it. It was only striking that this baggage check took longer than they were used to. This was due to a man standing in line in front of them. He had brought an item that did not pass inspection.

Forbidden goods

According to security, the man had something in his bag that was not allowed on board. Ivelise and Rico couldn’t see what was in the package. They noticed that the man became emotional just thinking about leaving the package behind. They did not immediately think that the item in question would actually be dangerous. In the United States, baggage rules have been tightened up significantly since 9/11. The two did not find it very strange that the check lasted a little longer.

Trash can

Even though the man begged and pleaded for a while, it turned out to be in vain. The package was not allowed on board. Security told him he could throw the package in the nearest trash can. So this is what the distraught man decided to do.

As the emotional man passed security, it was Ivelise’s turn. Before going through security, she decided to make a somewhat strange request to her boyfriend.

Are you curious about what Ivelise asks of her boyfriend and what’s in the package? Then read on on the next page.

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