Why The Leg Cramps During The Night And How To Stop This For Good ?

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The causes of leg cramps at night are often unknown, but they have been linked to muscle fatigue and nerve problems. There are a number of cases that may have an effect, including sitting for long periods or sitting incorrectly, and standing or working on concrete floors for a long time leads to muscle fatigue.

Sitting or lying down in a certain way may restrict movement or blood flow to the legs, such as placing one leg over the other, or with the legs crossed, leading to cramps.

How to overcome the pain of night cramps for the leg?

Stretching the severely affected muscles is usually the most effective way to relieve spasticity. This is by bending the foot up to lengthen the muscle. You may be able to ease the cramping by walking, shaking or massaging the leg.

Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin will not help relieve cramps, because cramps are not associated with inflammation. It may help treat the pain from cramps, but it won’t relieve cramps.

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