Weight Watchers Freestyle Zero Point Cheesecake

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A couple months ago, I started to hear “chatter” about a VERY low calorie cheesecake “substitute” that is Weight Watchers Freestyle program friendly! Being curious, and always on the lookout for interesting sounding recipes to try, I decided to make it.

Now, please hear me on this. Cheesecake, in it’s “normal” form, (with all that yummy cream cheese) is my all time favorite dessert. I even have an amazing, decadent Chocolate Fudge Truffle Cheesecake on my blog! It is definitely scrumptious, but much higher in calories!

The low calories is why I was drawn to try this particular recipe. I wanted to try a dessert recipe (for my sweet tooth) that wouldn’t sabotage my weight loss efforts! After I tracked down the recipe creator’s website, I found this simple recipe for a low calorie, sugar free “crustless” cheesecake substitute.

I hardly ever use artificial sweeteners, but sometimes they are very nice to have around, for recipes like this! Guess what? I liked this cheesecake “substitute”, and even though it is not real cheesecake, it made me FEEL like I could enjoy a nice dessert, WITHOUT using all my daily calories or points!

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